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From Keighley News, 19th October 2017
Written by Miran Rahman

CALLS have been made to permanently close a Keighley snicket following an alleged assault at the weekend. Councillor Michael Westerman, chairman of Keighley Town Council's Watch and Transport Committee, said Postman's Walk should be shut on safety grounds. This is not the first time the snicket, which links Oakworth Road to West Lane, has been the focus of concerns.

In 2010 it featured in a list of 14 Keighley footpaths which residents, businesses and local organisations had suggested should be closed to help reduce crime.

This route was the scene of an alleged attack on a woman late last Friday night. (Oct 13)

A man has been arrested on suspicion of rape.

The path was cordoned off by police from the early hours of Saturday (Oct 14) until at least mid afternoon of that day, while forensic investigations took place.

Commenting this week Cllr Westerman said: "I think they should close the path, full stop.

"It's only a very minor short cut, so it doesn't serve much purpose. Back when I used to walk my children to school down this path many years ago, it was dark and treacherous even then.

"All you'd need to shut it would be a gate at the top and a gate at the bottom. It would cost more in terms of paperwork, than in terms of materials and labour."

Keighley MP John Grogan said: "My office has had some calls suggesting the closure of Postman's Walk.

"I'll contact Bradford Council's Keighley Area Committee, asking them to consider the merits of this suggestion."

Keighley West councillor Cath Bacon said people should feel free to walk wherever they like, at whatever time of day or night, without being in fear of attack.

"I'm confident that the police will be out there pursuing every lead possible," she said.

"I'm really impressed with the team of police we have at the moment. They are very proactive and they won't miss anything.

"I know that footpath is, for the most part, unlit and that some people would say you shouldn't walk down there in the first place.

"We have a number of footpaths around our ward which people use, and we've been trying to get funding to go towards lighting for the unlit paths.

"But the money just isn't there and it's a constant battle to try and find funds from different sources to help keep people safe.

"We live in a 24-hour society and people should be able to just take a quick shortcut without coming to physical harm, whatever time of day it is.

"I hope the lady involved in this has a good support network and gets access to any help she needs."

Tony Day, owner of specialist firm Marrose Abrasives, in nearby Becks Road, said in 37 years of being based at this location he had never gone down Postman's Walk.

"I've never used it, and I wouldn't go down that footpath even during the day let alone at night," he said.

"It's about two to three hundred metres long, and very concealed. Knowing the area as I do I wouldn't dream of walking down there."