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From Keighley News , April 14th, 2018
Written by Alistair Shand

KEIGHLEY MP John Grogan says a "dangerous precedent" has been set following Britain's involvement in the air and missile strikes on Syria. The US, UK and France carried out the action in retaliation for a suspected chemical weapons attack last Saturday. According to the US, three targets have been struck – a research facility in Damascus and storage facilities near Homs. The Syrian government, which denies using chemical weapons, called the strikes a flagrant violation of international law.

Mr Grogan says: "I think it is a dangerous precedent that British armed forces have been in action and put at risk without a vote in Parliament.
"We should have been recalled yesterday and a vote taken. This is particularly the case given the doubt about the legal basis for the action.
"I have no time at all for President Assad, whose regime it seems clear was behind the recent chemical attacks on his own people. Ultimately he is reliant on his backer, President Putin.
"For me, the most likely route to a messy peace in Syria is not further air strikes – which risk widening the conflict – but rather tightening further the economic sanctions on Russia, which are beginning to bite hard on those close to the president. Ultimately, this is what is likely to force them to the negotiating table."