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From Keighley News, July 5th, 2018
Written by Miran Rahman

THE moment when a speeding car narrowly missed mowing down a pedestrian in South Street, Keighley, was captured on film. The potentially lethal antics of a pair of Audi drivers was caught on video by a horrified motorist whose own vehicle came close to being hit in the same incident. A still picture from the footage shows the cars – which were racing each other – heading towards Ingrow at about 7.45pm on June 26. A pedestrian in a light coloured top was about to cross the road but can be seen getting back onto the kerb, just in time to avoid being run over by the white Audi.

This car was driven down the wrong side of the road and both vehicles went through a red light.
The man whose dashboard camera picked up the footage, is a professional driver who works regularly in Keighley, but does not want to be identified.
He said: "These Audis were using the road as a racetrack. They were weaving through traffic, undertaking and overtaking and must have been doing at least 60-mph.
"A guy who was about to cross the road stepped back just in time – they damn near killed him. I was shaking when I got home.
"I've seen dangerous driving around town before. These lads have been brought up on drugs and video games and they think that it's ok to drive around at high speeds.
"There's something wrong with their mentality. They are dangerous criminals. What we need is a police presence on the road as a deterrent."
Reacting to the video, Keighley MP John Grogan said: "Dangerous and completely irresponsible driving by a small minority of young men in Keighley is a blight on the town.
"Time and time again the issue comes up in my surgeries. If anything it seems to get worse in the hot summer days.
"We need to tackle this at a local level but also in our courts and in Parliament.
"The Government has promised it will legislate for tougher sentences for drivers who cause death or serious injury. Last week, together with other MPs, I wrote to the Minister of Justice asking him to speed up this legislation.
"Meanwhile, within the confines of existing law, Bradford’s top judge, the Recorder of Bradford Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC, has said a tough line will be taken on serious driving offences. This has been reflected in some recent sentences.
"In Keighley we have to catch the offenders involved and I intend meeting local police and councillors to discuss what more can be done." 
Keighley West Councillor Cath Bacon said: "We need more police but even with more, there’ll still be idiots who care not a jot for the law because the judiciary system needs reform. That’s where the law makers come in.
"Over the last year, a restructure in Keighley means there are more Neighbourhood Police Team officers and Police Community Support Officers in Keighley than before. But there'll never be enough to be on every street.
"I regularly take part in Operation Steerside, going out with police chasing down speeders and giving them tickets in my ward.
"A good friend of mine was nearly killed by a drunk, speeding driver so I’m very keen to have Steerside in my ward.
"But that’s Just Keighley West and it takes all councillors from each ward to work together.
"There’s education needed in communities. Friends, relatives and parents of at least some of these idiot drivers know what they’re up to but do nothing. Some even find it funny.
"It’s saddening that until the message gets through, there'll be a section of our younger residents who injure or kill either themselves or others because they see driving fast – usually uninsured and unlicensed – as a rite of passage."
Chief inspector Marc Adams of Bradford District Police, said: “We treat all instances of dangerous and anti-social driving extremely seriously. Drivers can put their lives and the lives of others at risk with this type of driving.
“We are aware of community concerns around the standard of driving in Bradford District and launched Operation Steerside to target the issue.
“Since its launch over two years ago, Steerside has been running throughout the district and has seen some considerable successes in combatting anti-social driving and the poor use of vehicles.
“Tackling irresponsible driving cannot and should not, however, just be the responsibility of the police and we're working closely with our key partners to make a real difference so motorists feel safe on the roads.
“In relation to the specific incident highlighted in the video – we were called at 10.20pm on June 26, with the caller explaining it had happened at around 7.45pm that same day.
“We're investigating the incident, enquiring as to the whereabouts of the vehicles and are looking to trace the drivers. I'd like to thank the caller for alerting us."
Any witnesses are asked to call police on 101 quoting log 2171 of June 26.