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From Keighley News, 6th October 2017
Written by Alistair Shand

 AN ICONIC Keighley brewery has won heady praise from the town's MP. John Grogan toured Timothy Taylor's Knowle Spring site and met staff. And he had lunch at the Lord Rodney, in Church Green, with the company's chief executive Tim Dewey. The two debated a number of issues faced by the brewing and pub industry.


Mr Grogan, vice-chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Beer Group, said he would be lobbying on the industry's behalf.

"Timothy Taylor's is an iconic Keighley brand with a reputation for quality," he added.

"It is one of England's leading family brewers, with a board that has been prepared to keep investing for the future.

"I shall be lobbying the Chancellor in the run-up to next month's budget to freeze beer duty and extend the £1,000 rate relief for pubs."

Last month, Mr Grogan was among over 50 MPs who put their names to a campaign to stop pubs going down the tubes.

They said pubs were at the heart of communities and the local economy but were struggling under a growing tax burden.

"Taxes now make up a third of the cost of a pint and UK beer duty is among the highest in Europe," said Mr Grogan.

Mr Dewey said he was delighted to welcome the MP to the brewery and have the chance to discuss a range of issues.

"It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to meet John and give him a tour of the site," he added.

"His Parliamentary Beer Group role has given him extensive experience of the opportunities and challenges facing the brewing and pub industry and I appreciated his generosity of time in giving me the chance to share some of my concerns with him.

"I look forward to working constructively with him for the benefit of the industry and Keighley."

Topics discussed included the National Living Wage, increased business rates, the high levels of beer duty and the pros and cons of Small Breweries' Relief.

"We also spent time discussing some of the challenges that Keighley faces in terms of transport infrastructure and creating an environment that can compete with surrounding towns such as Bingley for leisure activities and nightlife," said Mr Dewey.

Timothy Taylor established a brewery in the centre of Keighley in 1858, moving to the present Knowle Spring site in 1863.

Its brews have won a plethora of awards.