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From Keighley News, 3rd October 2017
Written by Alistair Shand

 CAMPAIGNING residents on an estate above Silsden are battling for a bus shelter. They frequently have to contend with gales and torrential rain while waiting at the stop near the Cringles Park Home Estate. Their call for cover has won the backing of Keighley MP John Grogan.

During a visit to the site he received a residents' petition, which he has agreed to forward to West Yorkshire Combined Authority, the transport body that decides on the siting of shelters.

Mr Grogan says a shelter exists at the Keighley-bound stop close to the estate, on the A6034, Bolton Road.

But there is no similar protection from the elements for passengers heading to Ilkley.

"Cringles Park is home to over 100 people – many of whom are retired and often travel to Keighley and Ilkley on the bus," said Mr Grogan.

"The site is set amidst glorious Yorkshire countryside, however residents tell me that when the wind howls across the valley to signify the coming of winter, it can be miserable waiting for a bus.

"They have seen shelters recently erected just down the road in Silsden, and now want one of their own."

Petition organiser, Mrs Janet Lambert, said many residents were patients at medical centres in Ilkley and Addingham so used the stop regularly.

She added: "Catching the Ilkley bus also enables people to patronise local shops etc and access trains and buses to Leeds and Bradford and bus services to Harrogate, Skipton and the Dales, which is all good for trade and the health of people.

"The bus stop outside the estate is very exposed and needs a shelter."

West Yorkshire Combined Authority said it would give full consideration to the request.

A spokesman added: "As we do with other similar requests, we will be carrying out a survey of the numbers of people using the stop as well as assessing a potential location with sufficient space in which a shelter could be sited safely."