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EDM Tabled: 4th July, 2019

That this House applauds the coverage of the Women's Football World Cup Finals on BBC TV which has attracted audiences of over 11 million and has inspired a generation of girls and boys across the land; believes that the finals should now be made a listed event just like the Men's Football World Cup Finals so that future tournaments will also be available to the whole nation young and old, rich and poor...

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Oral Contributions: 4th July, 2019

What recent assessment he has made of the effectiveness of the regulation of commercial local radio.
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Oral Contribution: 3rd July, 2019

The Minister is very generous. I think that he was directly asked whether he or another Minister would come to the all-party parliamentary group to discuss this issue in more detail, out of respect for Parliament. Is that date definitely in the Minister’s diary now? Has the United Kingdom had any direct discussions with Mauritius about this matter? Was it not a little bit petty to cancel the Queen’s birthday party, and was that a ministerial decision?
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Oral Contributions: 3rd July, 2019

In Bradford, there are 25,000 people who cannot speak English or do not speak it well. In Keighley, the figure is just under 3,000. Together with Bradford Council, I hosted a conference on integration in line with the Government’s strategy earlier in the year. One of the top targets that we agreed on was to try to get that figure down in the next five years. We will never get it down to zero, but we will try to get everyone in Keighley speaking English, because it is a liberating and progressive thing to be able to speak English in our society.

We have heard the arguments about employability and loneliness and so on. Let me add one more that comes up, which I find works in the discussions I have with different communities: it is really up there if parents can to speak English. How can anyone possibly guide their children in towns such as Keighley, where many good things but also one or two bad things go on from time to time, and how can anyone make judgments about their children’s friends and the activities they take part in, without speaking English? ...
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Oral Contribution: 1st July, 2019

Speaking of revenue, what is the Secretary of State’s attitude to NHS trusts that set up subsidiary companies, if one of the main motives is clearly seen to be VAT avoidance, as in the case of Bradford trusts where nearly half the extra revenue of setting up a company in the first five years would be VAT-related?